In October, 1999, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., held an auction of over 2,000 items from Elvis Presley's Graceland Archives. The auction benefited Presley Place, a transitional housing development located in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The auction was held at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and conducted by the noted auction house, Guernsey's. Included in the auction were garments owned and worn by Elvis, automobiles, furniture, documents related to his career, including contracts and correspondence. The very first item, listed as item A-1, was Elvis' 6th grade report card and I was the winning bidder of the item. 
Elvis attended Tupelo Junior High School during the 1946-1947 school year. While Elvis earned straight A's in spelling, his teacher was less than excellent in the subject. Mrs. Dewey Camp misspelled his name as "Elvis Pressley" on the report card. 

Elvis received D's in Arithmetic and Geography, but not surprisingly, he ended up with an A in music. 

The moral of this story is that you don't have to be excellent at everything, but you need to be excellent at something. Elvis' report card has helped me teach this very important lesson to my kids as they grew up. 

Thanks Elvis.

Jerry Presley



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